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Moonlight and Mawazo Launch Press Release

Updated: Feb 20

Core Passion Consulting 

Shawyonia Pettigrew 



Core Passion Consulting and Cinnamon Cinephile launch a new science fiction and fantasy short story competition. 

Moonlight and Mawazo -starts February 10th.

New York, NY 

Core Passion Consulting and Cinnamon Cinephile are thrilled to launch Moonlight and Mawazo, a new science fiction and fantasy short story competition. 

Moonlight and Mawazo strives to give authors of underserved communities, such as people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+ community, a chance to tell uniquely different stories with characters who look, sound, and otherwise reflect them. While the genre has blossomed in recent years, there is always room for “your story.” 

The contest welcomes new talent and appreciates submissions from already published writers.  Entries will be accepted from February 10th to May 10th. All contestants must be over 18, with submissions in English and less than 7500 words. There is also a $10 entry fee. Submissions can be uploaded at Winners will be announced at the end of July. The 3 finalists and other winners will be published in an anthology with the same name as the contest in late Fall 2024. Winners will also receive various other prizes. 

Subrina Wood, one of the curators of Moonlight and Mawazo, says,” I am here to help produce new storytellers. I've been a fan of science fiction and fantasy since I first read A Wrinkle in Time as a kid. As a film critic, screenwriter, and podcaster, I always watch films and TV shows. I realize that no matter what I watch, the story is everything. One of the first ways to become a good writer is to learn how to write a good short story.  With Moonlight and Mawazo, I hope to give new writers a platform to share their stories with the world.” 


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